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Ready to have some fun?

Asking personal questions and sharing personal experiences with others may sound scary and uncomfortable, but you know what? It doesn’t have to be. We believe it can be fun, and at the same time, it can help you and others grow, and maybe it will even get you a step closer to your dreams. Just give it a try, and become an inspiration or get inspired.

Breathe in, be curious and just have fun!

All about our question card game

You can use our question card game on various occasions and with a different number of people. For example, you can draw a card each day before you have dinner with your family, or you can answer a question with your partner on lazy Sunday mornings. How about using them at the opening in the weekly team meeting or putting a card on each plate of your guests while hosting a dinner party?

Taste of Connection

Together with friends we host the ‘Taste of Connection’,  a conscious dinner party to connect with new inspiring people, their dreams and yours. It’s not your average dinner party with too much alcohol feeding shallow conversations about work, upcoming skiing trips, or  kitchen renovations. But it’s a dinner specially designed for deep and genuine conversations about yourself, your dreams, and goals. Connecting with  others, their emotions and visions. About the beautiful world we live in and how we want to take care of it.  All happening around a long table with a lot of colorful  freshly cooked vegetarian food.

On this night we not only serve nice food, but with every course we also serve the people a personal question card. We are hosting dinners in Portugal, Germany and the Netherlands. Do you want to join?

What I like about this cardgame is that it carries the wisdom of a couple. The questions make me reflect deeply while they also are biased to action.

Jasper MutseartsSerial entrepreneur and full-time heart follower

Highly enjoyable and fun. With some questions you can dig deep, and with some you can just give a simple answer. Meaning you could play it in a lot of different situations. With a simple yet effective design, the cards give you a feeling of warmth and comfort. Definitely can recommend!

Olivier van ZummerenGraphic designer - specialized in eating and laughing

Conversations during a group dinner can easily get superficial, or divided into different groups. What I love with this card deck is that the questions create a deeper conversion for the group as a whole. And you discover parts about yourself and your loved ones you didn’t know before.

Carlijn NelissenDutch serial entrepreneur - Founder on purpose studio - Organizational Psychologist & Behavioral Scientist (MSc)

I tried out Juli‘s ans Bibi‘s card game in different settings during a family dinner or a sit-together with friends. The card game encourages to look deep down into your hidden dreams and get to know the people around you more. Thank you for the inspiration

Joana PostSystemic Psychotherapist