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How it all started?

Since Julian and Bibi met they couldn’t stop asking each other a lot of questions; deep ones, philosophical ones, funny and silly ones.

“We found a shared love in our endless curiosity and the power of questions. We started with slowly collecting interesting questions and put the first ones as a test on the table with a family dinner. Little did we know, that this would be the start of  our company. What happened there was so special. We gave everybody a different question and said they could answer but they did not have to. In the end everybody shared something amazing. We cried, we laughed and new dreams and goals were created. Since family members wanted to use the questions on other occasions, we felt the motivation to create our first product. We collected more questions and this passion project just became bigger and bigger. ” – Bibi.

Are u ready for the love story?

Do you know the story about a German guy and a Dutch girl who met each other at the well-known pizza party in the Algarve, we’re they were astonished by the fact that they both had exactly the same campervan in the same color? Who had their 2 second date at his mum’s birthday ‘weekender’- as he was only in Portugal for several days and they wanted to see each other – and completely fell in love with each other the next day at breakfast while grandma was overlooking the situation?

Tickets were booked and after spending 6 days together in Germany he asked her the big question; “Do you want to be my girlfriend?!” 3 weeks later they decided to live together in his student flat in Hamburg and moved to an off-grid wooden shed in the South of Portugal 3 months later. They enjoyed making fires, playing outside like little children, jumping in the ocean and lakes, finding figures in the clouds, going on random adventures and unstoppable dancing in the morning sun and above all they enjoyed making all their dreams come true.

Our mission

We are on a mission to create playful tools to show that working on yourself can be fun. We want to  make deep conversations approachable for everyone and show that it can be a fun and an enjoyable journey, especially when you approach life  with the curiosity and openness of a child.

Our vision

Our vision is a world where adults rediscover the freedom and joy of childhood.  We envision a reality where adults leave their worries and fears behind, embracing a playful spirit and finding wonder in both the little things and the big things life has to offer.

About Bibi

Bibi studied a Bachelor Media & Culture and a Master Film & television science and started her career as a researcher for television programs and documentaries. She is a real storyteller with an unstoppable interest in other human beings. Always asking questions and always (sometimes a bit too much) curious about what people think, and why they do what they do. After having a burn-out she decided to put her whole live upside down. She felt like there had to be more and wanted to find out. She quit her job as an impact pr-advisor at a BCorp certificied agency in Amsterdam. She quit her rent and gave away all her stuff and decided to drive to the south of Portugal with her Volkswagen van. Without a plan, a goal or an end. Currently she is the founder of ‘Studio ei’: a creative agency that tells the stories that matter.

About Julian

Julian was a free and happy spirit since he was born. He always followed his curiosity and because of this he ended up in countries like Australia, Brazil and Portugal. Or he found himself at the most interesting and diverse jobs.

As his parents are very passionate therapists he grew up with having deep conversations and learned to be close to his values and feelings since he was a little boy. Next to his study Educational science at the University of Hamburg he finished his NLP master degree when he was 27. The last years he worked with children in his role as a pedagogue. Currently he is the deputy manager of Ergo Praxis Post in Hamburg.