Just Question – The Card Game


Introducing our Card Game “Just Question”, featuring 33 questions designed to spark meaningful conversations and cultivating deeper bonds in various settings. Whether you’re gathering with family, enjoying a lazy Sunday with your partner, hosting a dinner party, or leading a team meeting, our game offers endless possibilities for engaging interactions. Embrace the flexibility of our game as you incorporate it into your daily routines or special occasions.

There’s no right or wrong way to play just endless opportunities for meaningful conversation while having a lot of fun.

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You can use our question card game (33 questions) on various occasions and with a different number of people. For example, you can draw a card each day before you have dinner with your family, or you can answer a question with your partner on lazy Sunday mornings. How about using them at the opening in the weekly team meeting or putting a card on each plate of your guests while hosting a dinner party?

There is no wrong or right way to use the cards and answer the questions. Keep in mind that some people may have immediate answers, while others may need more time to think. Some find it easy to share, while others may struggle. Communication styles vary and silence can be a meaningful process. Give yourself and others the time you need to find answers and remember: just have fun!

The questions are available in English and German. The game comes with a cotton bag.

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